Panic Cell: Bitter Part Of Me
Panic Cell - Bitter Part Of Me - [Casket Music]


Panic Cell kick ass.

I thank Kobi, Orphaned Land’s vocalist for getting me this great promo, because the band absolutely rocks.

It a bit difficult putting a label on what this English band does, they define themselves as rock-metal, a label which I quite agree with, on the other hand, the album contains elements of nu metal, thrash, and some hard core.
But anyway you want to call them, they’re good.

I shall start by stating that they are quite the fearsome bunch, according to their pictures.
I can easily imagine them downing enormous amounts of Guinness when arriving at the local pub following a rehearsal; each member seems to be able to contain a whole brewery…

But, as large are the band members; the larger are their talents.
The album benefits from an excellent production, solid and meaty, like a fine Shepard’s pie, and immediately as the first track, “Damn Self Pity” starts, you know it’s a winner.

The vocalist belts out a raw, yet melodic voice, the riffs are hard rock oriented, with some metallic edge on top, and the song is an instant winner.

The album’s greatest track is easily “Away From Me”, also the first video clip off the album, a driving metal anthem, whose chorus you’ll find yourselves singing in no time at all.

The band continues this tradition of solid rock-metal songs, at times going into a metal ballad of sorts, the vocals are not the world’s best, but its exactly that raw feel that’s in them that gives the songs some extra authenticity and bite, well demonstrated in tracks such as “Bitter Part Of Me”.

Some will be quick in defining the band as nu metal, a gross mistake in my opinion, since they are closer to heavy hard rock, true, there are some machine head elements popping here and there, but its evident that the band’s heart is in the right place, that is, in older, more traditional bands, something that gives the band freshness and quality.

This is warmly recommended!

P.S – visit the band’s site, not only is it brilliantly executed, it also features hilarious versions of band members in something resembling South Park cast members…

Alon Miasnikov

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