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Vultures - Vultures


Vultures music is something that is hard to connect into one genre. It’s industrial music mixed with some electronic & techno sound involved with metal guitars. The lineup itself is very unique: Maor Appelbaum from the progressive gothic-jazz band – Sleepless play here on synth and other effects, the guitar player is Gal Cohen from the metal band Lehavoth, samples & programming by Pointer & Rani Zager - the man behind the distorted vocals, doing a great job.
This E.P. has 4 songs. The first song – “Intternal Plea” begins with great rhythm distorted guitar and fast sampled drum beats. same for the 2nd song a lot of groove with heavy guitars.
The 3rd song is different it's slow and heavy more into the direction of Godflesh & Neurosis.
The 4th song – “Examine” is a remix with fast beat mixed with sampled vocals of Rani Zagar and other sampled voices.

I recommend this CD to every one who likes industrial, industrial metal, punk & hard techno. This CD features a very unique music.

Gal Gur-Arie

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