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Interview with: The Miserables' Chris Anderson

The Miserables - Chris AndersonOut of the ashes of the mighty 40 Grit, comes The Miserables. 40 Grit released two excellent albums through Metal Blade before going belly up, two of that band's ex-members are now in The Miserables, and the similarities are certainly there. The band's music combines aggression with groove seamlessly, and it's just a matter of time before they get their name tattooed on everyone's minds. We spoke with guitarist Chris Anderson about the band and its current activities:

Hey Chris, I understand your debut album is now out, can you tell us about it?

The album isn't out just yet. We are almost done with it. We have 4 out of 9 or 10 songs that will be on the album up on our MySpace page. We are using these songs for promos until the album gets picked up or we do a self-release.

How would you describe your music for the uninitiated?

Well, Playing in The MISERABLES to me is like being in an indie horror film. The sounds are dark and moody and very thunderous! That leaves you feeling like you are ready to kill or be killed!

Did you produce the album yourselves?

Yes, this was the first project I ever took on where I was the producer and engineer. The mixes are being done by myself and Juan Urteaga (I.E. Exodus, Night Ranger, 40 Grit)

Back to how the band started out, you used to be in 40 Grit, what can you tell us about your former band?

Yes, I was a member of 40 Grit. well, 2 of us are in the Miserables, James Santiago is in a band out in AZ that I hear is doing good and as far as I know Kevin Young isn't in a band at the moment. 40 Grit to me was a great band and I loved every minute of it.

I specifically remember a track by you guys called "Sneaky Glass Face" which I remember as a great song, do you remember anything about that one, and can you tell me what the fuck does the title mean?

ha-ha Sneaky glass face... ok... 40 Grit was a drinking band... that's how we all got together. Sneaky glass face is about the drunk guy at 2am at the bar that's fucking shit faced testing the last nerve of everyone...! I love that song; it was the first song we wrote after coming home from tour with S.O.D. and the demo that got us the deal with Metal Blade.

Why did you guys break up?

Well, we didn't really break up like the way most bands probably do. We got home from tour in December 2003 after hitting black ice and crashing our van and just never went back to practice. Then shortly after James moved to Arizona. 6 months later I started jamming and The Miserables were born

How did the rest of the band members get together in the form of "The Miserables"?

Me, Andy and Ryan started jamming just to jam. I was in the mood for metal so that's how it started. About 3 weeks into jamming Glenny who I've known for awhile came to check us out and within a few days we were all jamming. Then the hunt for a singer started after looking we found Denton Bramley. Me and glenny heard and just knew he was right for the band.

Why call yourself Miserables? Any relation to Victor Hugo?

Victor Hugo... ha-ha, no. The Miserables came to be the band name because we all could relate with those feelings... as I think many of us do. Also it was really fitting the vibe of the songs. In fact, the new album is nothing but some kind of misery of some sort so I think it's something we all think and feel everyday. So if you’re looking for happiness maybe you should buy a Justin Timberlake album ;)

How would you describe the kind of music the band makes?

musically we love the darker more moody elements in music. I feel like an album should go through the ups and downs just like we all do in life because that's what makes it real. So in both The MIserables and 40 Grit I've always been very involved in the song writing and that's why you hear similarities

What are your influences musically? I can hear as much bay area thrash as I can hear Korn in it.

wow... I think this is the most diverse band when it comes to what we listen too. I don't think any of us have the same favorite bands but maybe that's a great thing. With the miserables we wanted to really tape into everything we love. So yeah of course you are going to hear many things within the sound. It's more like we poured out favorites in a blender and pushed them through a meat grinder.

Have you been in contact with any labels?

Yes we have been in contact with labels. Still in the process of it so nothing to report just yet!

What kind of interesting shows did you do in the last year or so?

Honestly we have done some great shows already with The Miserables. Some of the bands we shared the stage with last year were bands like Testament (always good to local bay area bands) Life of Agony, Re: Ignition and many great local bands. We are looking to start trying to do some tours after the album is released.

What's next for you guys?

right now we are just looking to release the new record and tour! Also check out the video for IOU... ;)

Thank you for your time
Alon Miasnikov
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