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Orphaned Land - new album on the way !!

After a long, seven years break one of the most innovative metal bands is back and will surely take the scene by storm. The Israelite outfit ORPHANED LAND were one of the very first bands who used folk and oriental instruments for their very own vision. Their two last albums “Sahara” and “El Norra Alila” brought a wave of fresh air to the scene with their new sound and concept of Oriental Folk Metal.

Right now they are about to record their 4th album “Mabool” which will be a concept album, telling the story of the Flood with every song reflecting a different chapter. It is planned to contain more than 65 minutes of Oriental Folk Metal and will surprise with the use of oriental, ancient instruments such as Qannun, Oud, Saz, Buzuki and oriental Percussions, side by side with distorted guitars and a mix of melodic and growled vocals. Additionally, there will be a 25 female singers choir.

ORPHANED LAND will enter the studio end of July, more details on the release date of “Mabool” or updates from the studio will follow soon.

Orphaned Land - acoustic show,Tel-Aviv 18/8/2002

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