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Ludicra complete 4th album; Free MP3 preview

One of the most respected metal bands in the Bay Area, Ludicra, have completed work on their anticipated follow-up to 2006’s “Fex Urbis Lex Orbis”. Entitled “The Tenant”, the new Ludicra album sees the five-piece at the height of their musical powers and will be released March 3rd on Profound Lore Records.

“The Tenant” is said to be the most metal-sounding Ludicra album to date, where all of Ludicra’s influences culminate into an epic journey. With their black metal influenced sound which initially cemented the basis of where they would expand their sound from, Ludicra continue to took their progressive edge even further.

“Ludicra - The Tenant” - tracklist:
1. Stagnant Pond
2. A Larger Silence
3. In Stable
4. The Undercaste
5. Clean White Void
6. Truth Won’t Set You Free
7. The Tenant

An MP3 of ‘A Larger Silence’ can be found through the MP3 section of the label's website HERE.
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