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Hangman - "Anti-Disco Graphue 2002-2006" tape out now

Gathered together back in 2002, when Thrash Metal was not a trend but a genre that was accepted only by die hard maniacs, the sinners of Sodom that were HANGMAN had only 1 aim - to bring genuine Thrash from the dead! Their mixture of classic US, German and Canadian influences from such bands as Slayer, Whiplash, Tankard and Sacrifice hit the underground with 2 demos that turned everything on their way to rubble and paved their way to "Thrash Metal blitzkrieg VOL. II" 7" split, "Gods of Goats" Venom tribute CD and a contract with the German label Witches Brew, that was supposed to release their debut full length album, prior the release of which - the band unfortunately was put to rest.

Israhellbanger Records are proud to present a compilation of all the material ever released by HANGMAN and even more! ANTI-DISCO GRAPHY 2002-2006 features both of the demos SINNERS OF SODOM and THRASH FROM THE DEAD, the Venom cover of their classic "Raise the dead" (ORIGINAL mix, with better sound quality than the compilation CD version) and a never released before cover of Dark Angel's "We Have Arrived", recorded live at one of the last live assaults the band performed. This compilation comes on totally pro-printed tape with an exclusive cover artwork, cut n' paste lyrics sheet done in the old traditions of D.I.Y. demos and a 1" pin with the band's logo that comes with every tape.

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