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Shatter Messiah in writing mode

When you see five people gathering at Smiley Sound Studios in Akron, Ohio, this can only mean one thing: Shatter Messiah are in writing mode for a new album!
Curran Murphy (ex-Nevermore, ex-Annihilator), Robert Falzano (also ex-Annihilator), Greg "Wags" Wagner (H.A.T.E., ex-Breaker), Dusty Holt and Jason Chamberlain are busy writing the songs for the successor of "God Burns Like Flesh" - their outstanding second album.
"God Burns Like Flesh" was released in 2007 and is the successor of the 2006' debut "Never To Play The Servant", and the yet-untitled new album will mark this band's 3rd release with the Dockard1 record label.
More details should surface soon.

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