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Virgin Steele - re-working Metal Classics!

As one of the absolute pioneers of Heavy Metal New York based Virgin Steele were spreading the gospel of US-Metal since their foundation in 1981.
Currently, band leader David DeFeis is busy working on the re-issues of "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell" Part I and Part II - two of the most highly acclaimed and respected albums in the Heavy Metal world which still fill the "All time Top 5" lists in many magazines every month.

Also to be re-released on October 10th is the 1992 "Life Among the Ruins". This album hosts the most commercial tunes in the career of Virgin Steele with outstanding hits like the anthemic '80s rocker "Love Is Pain," the tender ballad "Last Rose of Summer" and the highly libidinous "I Dress in Black" which made it especially successful in Germany and Japan.

To make these classics even more valuable David is currently remastering them at The Hammer Of Zeus studios together with Ed Warrin and reworking the artwork. The amount of bonus songs is not confirmed by now, but there surely will be some on each!
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