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Season Of Mist – D/L MP3's from upcoming May releases

Season Of Mist have posted MP3's for the label's upcoming releases – You can now listen to a song from both Dead Shape Figure and Naer Mataron albums, to be released May 19th. You can read what the bands can say about the songs as well…

Dead Shape Figure
Upcoming release: "The grand Karoshi"
Release date: May 19th, US Jun. 24th
MP3 - DEAD SHAPE FIGURE - The Grand Karoshi - Blithering Icon

Juhani (guitar): "Musically, "Blithering Icon" represents the fastest bits of the "The grand Karoshi" album. The song is a big hail to old thrash bands like Dark Angel and Annihilator. It's all about going fast and not stopping to take a breath while doing it."
Galzi (vocals): "I started to write "Blithering Icon" about a crooked salesman selling bad products, making fast money and letting people down constantly. I guess the song is about false saviors and misled disciples as well. As soon as I realized the song was also about a man encountering a savior, I just had to check out Dismember's "Hate Campaign" and take some feelings from there also."

"The grand Karoshi" - tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Blades
3. Lesser the Man
4. Bend the Weak
5. Remington Lucifer
6. Fight against, lie behalf
7. Blithering Icon
8. Karõshi / From Contempt to Oblivion
9. 6 x 9
10. Perinde Ac Cadaver

Dead Shape Figure - official website
Dead Shape Figure @ MySpace

Naer Mataron
Upcoming release: "Praetorians"
Release date: May 19th, US May 27th
MP3 - NAER MATARON - Praetorians - Death cast a Shadow over you

Kaiadas (bass, vocals): "Brutality engages feeling. Even if it is a rather fast song it combines all those elements that compose the distinguish sound of Naer Mataron. Violence with the epic parts and with the Hellenic vocals bond together and reveal an exotic breeze of war, triumph and death."

"Praetorians" - tracklist:
1. Anti-Celestial Campaign
2. Ostara
3. Sun Wheel
4. Death cast a Shadow over you
5. Secret Heritage
6. Astral Anthology
7. Sol Invictus
8. Incarcerating Gallantry
9. The eternal Pest
10. Eagle's Nest
11. Praetorians

Naer Mataron – official website

Naem Mataron @ MySpace
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