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Season Of Mist – free MP3's for D/L

Season Of Mist have posted MP3's for the label's April releases – enjoy!
You can now listen to a song from each of the new ATROX, KARELIA and ETHS albums, all to be released April 21st. Read what the bands can say about the songs we picked...

Upcoming release: "Binocular"
Release date: Apr. 21st, US Apr. 29th
MP3 - ATROX - Binocular - No Coil For Tesla
Rune (guitars): "'No Coil for Tesla' is an atmospheric and energetic tune, it contains groove based arrangements, catchy melodies, all wrapped up in a metallic symbiosis. Lyrically it's about a mad scientist, driven by paranoia and convinced that his inventions would be stolen. "Binocular" is about contrasts, new meeting old, mechanical contra organic. We've implemented a "retrofuturistic" red line through the album, and "No Coil for Tesla" fits right into this description."
Atrox' MySpace page

Upcoming release: "Restless"
Release date: Apr. 21st, US May 13th
MP3 - KARELIA - Restless - Restless
Matt (vocals): "Based on a recurrent gimmicky phrase (in the intro, in the verse's singing and in the chorus's hits), this song is quite melodic and catchy. It could even sound like pop music - the song does not exceed the traditional 'radio edit' duration, by the way... Meanwhile guitars are loud and aggressive, drums are beating hard and that should remind people that KARELIA still are metalheads. "Restless" is the only "moral standard" song on the album. Into industrial surroundings, it deals with labour in the beginning of the twentieth century factories. You can notice the bridge in the song, figuring out the six working days, followed by a saving Sunday. And then it starts all over again!"
Karelia's MySpace page

Upcoming release: "Tératologie"
Release date: Apr. 21st, US Apr. 29th
MP3 - ETHS - Tératologie - Bulimiarexia
Candice (vocals): "Bulimiarexia is a song with explicit lyrics. The title evokes the pain due to two pathologies - bulimia and anorexia. Those mental issues leading to feeding troubles are the reflection of a generation of young girl's dark side with a self-destructive profile. Without really holding any message, the song depicts the principles of a closed circle where food is connected to shame and obsession of the self and sadly leads to death."
ETHS' Myspace page
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