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Sculptured finished album recordings

The recording for the third full-length Sculptured album “Embodiment” has been completed.
Commenting on the finished results songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Don Anderson tells us that: “I think this is the best work we’ve done. The album sounds huge even though it hasn’t been mixed yet. I am really happy with how everything came together. Andy Winter’s (Winds) keys and Jason Walton’s (Agalloch) bass tie everything together while the guitars are allowed to explore all kinds of harmonic possibilities. There is a definite coherency to the album even though it might sometimes seem random at first. This is definitely an album for headphones.”

“Embodiment” will be mixed by Paul McKee (Deserts of Traun, Tholus) at Sad Girl Music and mastered at Paramount Mastering by Bill Dooley who recently mastered the Isis album “Panopticon”.
The album cover for “Embodiment” was designed by John Haughm (Agalloch) using images borrowed with permission from The National Library of Medicine. Haughm also designed the layout for the booklet using similar imagery and the photography of Veleda Thorrson (who's photographs were also featured on Agalloch's "Ashes Against The Grain").

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