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New Throwdown song posted online

Check out "Holy Roller" on Throwdown's myspace and get ready to have your speakers blown. The song is off the forthcoming album "Venom & Tears" due out in the US August 7 (Canada - Aug 14). Release dates for Europe, Japan, and Australia will follow shortly.

"This album was a lot more collective in the writing" bassist, Matt Mentley shares. "The new songs really stretched my abilities as a player rather than falling back on same progressions we already did in previous albums. However the songs are a blast to play and will be amazing in our live set." Speaking on the new songs vocalist Dave Peters writes "We kinda went back to our roots as far as what got us into playing music rather than sticking to what got us into hardcore. When I saw my first hardcore band live in 1992, I remember thinking, whoa! This is like Pantera without the guitar solos. We weren't trying to consciously add metal or other elements into our songs.
When we wrote 'Haymaker' (2003) that's about as bare bones and raw as it gets, add four years later of playing and touring together to that and we've developed quite a ways with influences, execution and fuck it we'll play a solo if we want to too."

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