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Sikth – both vocalists leave band

Sikth's forthcoming tour in July under the "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" banner will be the last with singers Mikee Goodman & Justin Hill.

The decision for the frontmen to part company with the North London troupe is an entirely amicable one, with Goodman leaving to pursue other musical activities, including his longstanding Sad Season project, another brand new band (based in Brighton), two other projects plus work on the production side. See Mikee's myspace page for more information. Hill, meanwhile, is going to focus on the production work that is becoming increasingly successful for him.

The remaining four members- guitarists Dan Weller & Pin, drummer Dan 'Loord' Foord & bassist James Leach, are now well underway with the writing of the third SikTh album; already they've amassed a great deal of fresh material guaranteed to further extend the boundaries of progressive metal music. Simply, the future for SikTh continues to be an exciting one.

Needless to say, SikTh is now on the look-out for a new singer or singers, and applicants should contact the four musicians at

All of which makes the July tour very special indeed; not just the end of an era (and the start of a new one), but a series of all-day mini-fests with each & every band on the bill specially selected by the members of SikTh based on musical originality, technical ability & downright heaviness!

The line-up for all of the dates is as follows, with a second stage bill due to be announced shortly for the London show:-

*ARCHITECTS (chosen by SikTh bassist James Leach)
*CRY FOR SILENCE (chosen by SikTh guitarist Dan Weller, who – along with Hill – has produced the debut CFS album)
*BIOMECHANICAL (chosen by SikTh guitarist Pin)
*TED MAUL (chosen by SikTh drummer Dan'Loord' Foord)
*MALEFICE (chosen by Justin Hill)
*BARRABUS (chosen by Mikee Goodman)

The full list is available on Sikth's Myspace.

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