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After 10 years off the shelves, the "Traveling Wilburys" will re-release their albums.

The "Traveling Wilburys", a super-group of 5 of the most influential figures of rock n' roll (George Harrison, Roy Orbinson, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Jeff Lyn) will re-release their two masterpieces after 10 years of them being deleted.

The band, which practically conceived during lunch one day, has released two album while active. The debut album "Handle with care" was released in 1988, granting them with a Grammy award for best rock group. And the second album, released in 1990 and called "Traveling Wilburys vol 3" with the hits: "She's my baby", and "Wilbury twist".

The new versions of the album will include bonus tracks and a special edition of the albums will also have a 40 pages booklet with photographs and sketches.
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