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Aborted launch new website and new album

Belgium masters of brutality ABORTED have just launched their new website at this location in anticipation of their new album “Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture”, which is set for a February 19th release. Be sure to visit the site to check out the album’s stricking coverart and a new track “The Chondrin Enigma.” Fans can also pre-order the album through the site.

The album was recorded at Denmark’s Antfarm Studios with producer/engineer Tue Madsen (Himsa, The Haunted), and includes guest vocal performances by Jeff Walker (ex-Carcass) and Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere).

"Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture" – Tracklist:
1. "The Chondrin Enigma" – 4:20
2. "A Methodical Overture" – 3:25
3. "Avenious" – 4:41
4. "The Spaying Séance" – 4:25
5. "And Carnage Basked In Its Ebullience" – 3:10
6. "The Foul Nucleus Of Resurrection" – 4:13
7. "Archetype" – 3:12
8. "Ingenuity In Genocide" – 3:42
9. "Odious Emanation" – 3:37
10. "Prolific Murder Contrivance" – 3:07
11. "Underneath Rorulent Soil" – 4:51

Vocalist Sven De Caluwe further describes the new effort: “Expect an album which more or less condenses what we’ve been doing over the last three albums, with some fresh elements added in. It's definitely a lot more extreme, with more solo mayhem than “The Archaic Abattoir”, while still retaining the groove and melodies we have been building on. We promise that you will not be disappointed.”

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