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Vital Remains complete recordings

Extreme metallers Vital Remains have wrapped up the recording process for their much-anticipated new album with renowned producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore). This effort marks the group's second recording with Glen Benton (Deicide) on vocals, and promises to be their most blasphemous and devastating offering yet. The new album will hit stores on April 2nd, 2007.

Tony Lazaro (guitars) checks in with the following report:
“We've just returned home from Mana Recordings in Florida, where we spent the last month working on the new album. We can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I really think all of you are going to shit yourselves and to those few who thought we couldn't top “Dechristianize”, you're in for a real surprise.
A big thanks to Erik Rutan, who really worked us to near death! Much respect to him and Shaun Otani for really working so hard and pushing us to the point of insanity in order to get us to deliver our best performances, which we think we did without a doubt! We thought “Dechristianize” was a tough album to record, but this effort proved us wrong. This album, hands down, sets the bar for death metal. We spent 12-13 hours a day working on this with no days off. The drums took 10 days alone to track all nine songs. Glen’s vocals sound sicker than ever. His performance and attack was awesome! Dave's leads and harmonies are some of his best work to date and what a great drum performance. The overall sound of the new album is just HUGE! We are very proud of the results of all this hard work. We think our fans will soon agree without question that this is our “Reign In Blood”.

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