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Masterplan release "Mark II"

The new Masterplan studio album "Mark II" will finally be released on February 23rd. The few people who've had the chance to listen to the whole album are totally amazed with the work of the line up and they all agree that the new members; vocalist Mike DiMeo and drummer Mike Terrana, fit perfectly with the rest of the band and take the band forward to the next stage. Fans will be able to check the new line up out on tour very soon along with Saxon and Rose Tattoo.

"Mark II" – Tracklist:
1. Phoenix Rising
2. Warrior's Cry
3. Lost And Gone
4. Keeps me Burning
5. Take Me Over
6. I'm Gonna Win
7. Watching The World
8. Call The Gypsy
9. Trust In You
10. Masterplan
11. Enemy
12. Heart Of Darkness

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