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Agathodaimon looking for new members

Melodic black/death metal band Agathodaimon's vocalist/guitarist Frank "Akaias" Nordmann has revealed that he will leave the band due to personal reasons.
"This decision was not easy for him, but Frank has priorities other than music at the moment. Music means much to all of us, but it's not everything that counts in life, sometimes other things are more important, and we understand his decision fully. We collectively wish him all the best for his future plans and thank him for the great time we spent together in the rehearsal room, on stage and of course off stage as well", said guitarist Sathonys.

The band is therefore looking for a new vocalist and guitarist. A few very promising musicians already contacted the band, so interested people (from Germany preferred) should hurry and send their info over here.

In other news, the new album title was revealed: "Phoenix", which is waiting for its release later this year. More info to come soon.

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