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Arsis sign with Nuclear Blast

West Virginia's Arsis, which derived its name from the musical phrase "arsis and thesis" meaning unstressed (up-) and stressed (down-) beats respectively, has signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

The band is righteously tinged with Black and Thrash Metal influences, but is completely dedicated to expanding the reaches of melodicism and technicality in the genre of Death Metal.
All of the Arsis recordings (which include two demos, one EP, and two full-length albums) have won them many fans among the metal underground, the metal press, and metal musicians themselves. Now the guys have the chance to make a big step forward with having signed to Nuclear Blast.

James Malone, the band ´s singer, about the signing: "Since the conception of Arsis, I hoped to see the band as a part of the Nuclear Blast roster. Four years later, this is now a reality. I expect great things this coming year; the band is now a four piece, solid tours are on the way, and we have a fantastic label behind us 100%. I am more excited now about the potential of the band than I have ever been".

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