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In Flames statement about split-up

Sweden´s In Flames have posted a statement on their official website according to some band-split rumors and current live-situation:
"For the upcoming US-tour Björn will be sitting out as his wife is due to give birth to their second child. Substituting on guitar will be our good friend Henrik Danhage from Evergrey. Next to that, we've planned to play the tour with Jesper, but as previously reported: Jesper is taking the rest of the year off due to personal reasons. Niklas Engelin (Passenger / Engel) will replace him for all the dates until Dec 20th.

We've all heard the speculations and rumors and we want to put a stop to it here and now: NO, In Flames are not breaking up! NO, neither Jesper nor Björn are quitting the band! We simply didn't want to disappoint anyone so all shows that were booked prior to these circumstances will be done with the above named session guitarists. New shows/tours are being booked for next year as we speak, featuring the usual five of us.
So stop worrying/speculating/gossiping and we'll see you all very soon.
Anders, Björn, Peter, Daniel & Jesper"
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