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Rage split with drummer Mike Terrana

Since a while there have already been rumors about Mike leaving Rage, now it is confirmed.
Peavy (vocals/bass) and Victor (guitar) speak to the public:
"From now on we won't continue our collaboration with Mike because of personal and musical differences that have been existing for a while now and became unbearable. This cut is definitely not easy for us - but to avoid damage to Rage we have no other choice. Unfortunately, there's not much left from our former unity. A while ago communication between Mike and us broke down completely, so we have to pull the emergency brake. We decided to work with a new drummer in the future because we don't want to ruin it all to a point where there's no future left for Rage. We want to keep our power and joy in music, so there's no other way. We are aware how much this line-up meant to you (and us) but that's life. A band, especially a three-piece, is like a relationship. Over the years we just drifted apart. We wish Mike all the best for his further career. Nevertheless, there are exciting plans from our side: We definitely won't cancel a single show and are working intensely at the moment to present you a suitable new drummer soon. We have lots of plans for the next year. Among others, we will play some exclusive orchestra shows for you. We hope you all keep the faith in the future and promise to keep up our quality level to 100% See ya soon! Rage on!
Peavy & Victor"

Mike Terrana has played with various bands over the years (Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Axel Rudi Pell among others) and recently also joined as drummer of Masterplan (replacing Uli Kusch).

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