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Dimmu Borgir album revealed

The long-awaited 7th full length album title for the upcoming Dimmu Borgir opus has been revealed by guitarist Silenoz: "After what we can call a pretty mellow and relaxed mixing session (at least from a dimmucratic point of view), "In Sorte Diaboli" is now mixed and ready for mastering! Ooops…happened to mention the album title there. Anyways, mastering duties will be done pretty soon courtesy of Russ Russell at an undisclosed location in the U.K."

"In Sorte Diaboli" will be a concept album with a story located in Medieval Europe. "There's this dude that works as a priest's assistant, and after a while he just discovers that he has nothing to do with Christianity. He just sort of has this awakening and realizes that he has different abilities and different powers and is leaning more to the dark side," explains Silenoz the not exactly Christianity-friendly story concept.

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