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Adrian parts with Cradle Of Filth

Drummer Adrian Erlandsson has posted this announcement on his MySpace page:
"It's finally official. I have parted ways with Cradle Of Filth - to concentrate on all other interesting musical projects that I have going at the moment.

The main one is NEMHAIN. We have just filmed a video for the song called "Ana" so keep your eyes open for that. The music in NEMHAIN is very different to the other stuff that I have been in the past but it lies very close to bands that I grew up listening too like Ramones, Motörhead.

The other band I am working with is currently unnamed. We have been working on songs since the beginning of this summer and believe me they CRUSH!!!!

The other members of the band will be made official very soon!! It is all serious players from across the globe that have left their mark on Metal history in a big way with their past bands!!! We are currently working on a demo and have 9 CRUSHING songs to choose from so stay tuned !!!

Metal as we know it today will be no more!!

My official website is currently being redone and will be relaunced very soon!! In the meantime feel free to message me via MySpace!!

All the Metal,


Erlandsson was a member of Cradle Of Filth from 1999 and played drums in the albums "Midian" (2000), "Bitter Suites For Succubi" (2001), "Damnation And A Day" (2003), "Nymphetamine" (2004) and COF's 2006 release "Thornography".

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