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Iced Earth to release "Alive in Athens" DVD

Iced Earth's first and only live album “Alive In Athens” was recorded at two sold-out shows on the nights of January 23rd and January 24th, 1999, at the Rodon Club in Athens, Greece. Originally released as a triple-CD and 5 picture-vinyl set in summer 1999, “Alive In Athens” entered the German charts on #55 and stayed two weeks on #1 in Greece, where it was quickly honored with Gold status.

Seven years after the release of “Alive In Athens”, a discovery was made when raw footage of the live show itself was discovered in a discontinued archive, and out of curiosity alone the footage was immediately converted to a modern tape format and examined. Although only three cameras were present at the show, the energy and atmosphere of the material was overwhelming, and only three of the 31 live songs (“Slave to the Dark”, “A Question of Heaven” and “Iced Earth”) were absent or unusable due to videotape changes of the camera team.
Not having known that camera footage existed from such a legendary concert, the decision was made to share the material with the world in the form of “Alive In Athens – The DVD”. The audio files have been re-mastered for 5.1 DTS surround sound to offer the best quality live feeling. While not as slick as the modern 16-camera, quick-cut DVD releases found today, the fact that fans can now share the visual experience of being at the show is one that will surely be rejoiced. Some backstage footage and a Jon Schaffer interview with the German music channel VIVA TV were also unearthed and added as part of this historical performance, leaving it without the standard bells and whistles but nonetheless delivering more than 2-½ hours of the best Metal ever recorded live.

"Alive In Athens – The DVD" Tracklist:
1.Intro 01:53
2.Burning Times 03:32
3.Vengeance is Mine 04:07
4.Dark Saga 03:30
5.Last Laugh 04:15
6.Cast in Stone 05:53
7.Last December 03:28
8.Pure Evil 06:16
9.Desert Rain 06:29
10.Dante's Inferno 16:20
11.The Hunter 03:58
12.Melancholy (Holy Martyr)05:04
13.Angels Holocaust 04:38
14.Stormrider 04:45
15.The Path I Choose 05:39
16.Watching Over Me 05:12
17.Diary 05:57
18.Blessed Are You 05:08
19.When the Night Falls 07:21
20.My Own Savior 03:47
21.Travel in Stygian 09:17
22.Violate 04:38
23.Stand Alone 03:23
24.Brainwashed 05:43
25.Disciples of the Lie 04:10
26.I Died For You 05:01
27.Prophecy 06:10
28.Birth of the Wicked 05:44
29.The Coming Curse 08:08
30.Epilog 02:36

31.Iced Earth Backstage 04:21
32.Jon Schaffer in Athens 03:26

Total running time: approx. 171 min

Release Dates:
GERMANY / AUSTRIA / SWITZERLAND / BENELUX: Friday, October 27, 2006.
UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / DENMARK / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, October 30, 2006.

NORTH AMERICA: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

FINLAND / SWEDEN / HUNGARY: Wednesday, November 01, 2006.
ITALY: Friday, November 03, 2006.

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