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Biomechanical cover Judas Priest classic

Biomechanical are to record a cover version of "Painkiller" by Judas
Priest in October. It's to be produced by Chris Tsangarides who worked on the 1990
original with Priest. The recording will happen over three days at Tsangarides' own
studio, the Ecology Rooms located on the white cliffs of Dover.
In his extensive career, Chris Tsangarides has worked with some of rock and metal's biggest names, including Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Bruce Dickinson and Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as producing the "Painkiller" album.

Biomechanical have been playing the song "Painkiller" live as an encore for quite a
while, and it's always been a favorite with their growing audiences.
The cover will be released on a limited edition re-release of their second album, "The Empires Of The Worlds". The new version of "The Empires Of The Worlds" will also include the video for the title track and the making of that video. This hits the shops on November 13th.

John K, a self confessed Priest fan and vocalist of Biomechanical, tells of his excitement: "Painkiller where do I start?! Judas Priest - Two words: Fucking AWESOME!
One of the most influential bands on the planet that have helped to kick
start metal! They've written incredible songs! Painkiller crashed out of my
speakers like a steam train and flattened anything in its path!! When the song was
first introduced to the scene it blew everything out of the water – it was an instant
classic and sure enough withstood the test of time.
We're really glad to be able to do homage to the original and I still can't believe that we are going to record it with the man who produced the track in the first place!"

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