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Estradasphere - details about fourth album

California's eclectic and unclassifiable musical group Estradasphere has set September 19th, 2006 as the release date for their fourth album - and debut for The End Records - titled "Palace of Mirrors" (the album will be released in digipak format).

Within their music Estradasphere brings together elements from a wide-range of styles (gypsy metal, 60's foreign cinema rock, jazz arrangements, and expansive orchestrations) with such perseverance and major focus on the aesthetic of their sound.

Tracklist – "Palace of Mirrors":
1. Title
2. Palace Of Mirrors
3. A Corporate Merger
4. The Terrible Beautypower Of Meow
5. Colossal Risk
6. The Unfolding Pause On The Threshold
7. Smuggled Mutation
8. Six Hands
9. The Debutante
10. Flower Garden Of An Evil Man
11. Those Who Know...
12. Palace Of Mirrors Reprise
13. The Return

About the material found on the new album, bassist Tim Smolens commented: "The new album by Estradasphere distills the elements in the group that are clearly the strongest, while trimming the fat of our previous efforts."
Guitarist Jason Schimmel adds, "'Palace of Mirrors' took us several years to complete and it is a musical representation of our new directions in composition. This album will exceed our current fans' expectations, while appealing to a wider audience".

Following the release of their debut, Estradasphere are scheduled to embark on a full North American tour starting in October. The band plans to perform the entire album "Palace of Mirrors" live with a full multi-media presentation.

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