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Stolen Babies sign with The End Records

The End Records have signed extravagant gothic/industrial/carnival/rock ensemble Stolen Babies.
Stolen Babies are a unique band in their own right, a talented act that has amassed a following with their energetic and freakish live shows.
With elements of gothic rock, industrial, punk and metal within, it's not hard to see why the band has been able to impress fans and critics who have stumbled upon their mischievously power-packed numbers.
The band's well-received debut release "There Be Squabbles Ahead" will be released in digipak format on The End Records on October 3rd, 2006.

Tracklist – "There Be Squabbles Ahead":
1. Spill!
2. Awful Fall
3. Filistata
4. A Year Of Judges
5. So Close
6. Tablescrap
7. Swint Or Slude
8. Mind Your Eyes
9. Lifeless
10. Tall Tales
11. Push Button
12. Gathering Fingers
13. The Button Has Been Pushed
Bonus: Push Button (video)

About signing with The End Records, Stolen Babies says: “Signing with The End became the obvious choice for Stolen Babies. As a band with a very strong artistic vision we knew what we were looking for in a label and The End was the missing ingredient in our cupcake of madness!".

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