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National Slayer Day Goes Global

The “National Day Of Slayer” organizers have released the following statement:
”In our pluralistic modern world, it seems like every group gets a holiday or month dedicated to its activities - except metalheads. Responding to the overbearing moralism of the American holiday for Christian prayer, two headbangers created a holiday of their own: the National Day of Slayer.”

"Stay home from work, and listen to Slayer instead." Even the Slayer guys weighed in on Los Angeles' KNAC radio, saying the concept was hilarious and they wish they'd thought of it first.
A groundswell of popularity is making this holiday a reality! "We need a holiday to celebrate great metal music instead of going to a boring job," said JT, National Day of Slayer Director. "When National Day of Slayer was created, it was a protest against how Slayer is ignored by the workaday world. Now, it's a phenomenon reaching the further corners of the globe.”

”This June 6, if you're a metalhead or just like the music of Slayer, join us for an "International Day of Slayer" by putting off your normal responsibilities and enjoying an entire day of Slayer.
For too many years the vibrant culture of heavy metal music has been ignored, but now there's a holiday for metalheads... worldwide”.

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