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Laethora - a new band with members of Dark Tranquillity and The Provenance

Laethora, the new band featuring members of Dark Tranquillity and The Provenance, have signed to The End Records for release in North America and Australia.

Line up:
Jonatan Nordenstam - vocals
Joakim Rosén - guitars
Niklas Sundin - guitars
Jonnie Tell - bass
Joel Lindell - drums

On their official website the band posted the following statement:
"The Laethora collective is pleased to announce our signing to The End Records for the North American and Australian territories.
We're content that the cooperation will be prosperous for both parties and are looking forward to delivering some quality metal to the masses.
The debut album, “March of the Parasite”, is still being finalized, but a teaser rough mix of the track "Black Void Remembrance" can be experienced by visiting the official site or by obtaining the “Alternate Endings” sampler CD from The End Records.
The band will release their forthcoming album “March of the Parasite” sometime in 2006.
As free flowing and as creative as music can be, there needs to be a foundation of where the ideas are coming from. Music is an experience and as we’ve learned from the past, sometimes it takes the right alignment of individuals to bring something unique to the table.
Laethora is a perfect example of this.
These newcomers – made up of members of veteran acts Dark Tranquillity and The Provenance – have brought together their creative impulses to assemble a style far more extreme and primal than what their past musical output would suggest. Firmly rooted in the death/grind tradition, yet challenging and innovative, Laethora’s music is an assailing delivery of surging thrusts and darkened melody that will indeed challenge music fans continuously searching for something new and refreshing”.

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