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Jorn Leaves Masterplan

(As posted on the AFM records website)
Due to musical differences singer Jorn Lande has left Masterplan last week.
During working on the new album the band had to experience that both sides were having different ideas and wishes for the songwriting. While Jorn would have loved to push the style of the band more into the melodic direction, the rest of the band wanted to go back to the metal-roots of the debut album. So the decision was made to go separate ways in the future.

Drummer Uli Kusch about it: “We are not really happy about Jorn`s decision, but on the other side it doesn’t make sense to continue if the ideas are that different. The music would suffer from it and the music is why we are doing it. We wish Jorn a successful future and want to thank him for everything he did for us. It was a great and interesting time!”

The band is currently searching for a new singer. “There are already some possibilities that might be interesting for us, but nothing is decided yet”, Uli explains. “We hope that we can already present the new singer on the gigs we are playing this year. And for sure there won`t be any changes in the musical style of Masterplan. We are currently working on the songs.”

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