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Antimatter- forthcoming fourth album

Work is being done on the fourth Antimatter album, entitled “Leaving Eden”.
Recording will be taking place in Studio 33, Liverpool.
Chris Phillips (drums on 2005’s “Planetary Confinement”) has been confirmed as the drummer for this album, and Rachel Brewster is hoped to feature as well.

Some tracks which are likely to appear -
The Freak Show
Fighting For A Lost Cause
The Immaculate Misconception
Another Face In A Window

This album comes as a slight surprise, due to a common belief that “Planetary Confinement” was their last album, since it was said that the band members have lost interest in this sort of material.

Antimatter have also posted a free video EP, titled “Antimatter 06 06 03” (including a do it yourself cover) on their website.

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