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Upcoming Jorn album details

Jorn Lande (Masterplan's vocalist, ex-Ark, ex-Beyond Twilight) will release his 4th solo album, titled "The Duke" through AFM Records soon.

The album features Lande's vocals along with Jörn Viggo Lofstad (Pagan's Mind) doing guitars; the two also co-produced the album.
The second guitarist is Carnivora's Tore Moren and the bass is done by Morty Black (from TNT).
As far as drumwork, Willy Bendiksen (Company of snakes) has done most of the tracks while Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind, ex-Firewind) appears in "Stormcrow", "After the Dying" and the renewed version of "Starfire" (originally on Jorn's debut from 2000 which carries the same title).

"The Duke" tracklist:
01. We Brought the Angels Down
02. Blacksong
03. Stormcrow
04. End of Time
05. Duke of Love
06. Burning Chains
07. After the Dying
08. Midnight Madness
09. Are You Ready (Thin Lizzy cover)
10. Starfire (2005 new version)
11. Noose (Japan bonus track)

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