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New Project by Vintersorg - Waterclime

Andreas Hedlund, who is better known as the multi talented Vintersorg (also member of Borknagar and was on Otyg), is releasing an album under the name “Waterclime” which will be titled “The Astral Factor”.
This project combines elements of traditional progressive and symphonic rock filtered through a Nordic mind with Scandinavian folk tones and at times a jazzy ambient atmosphere.
The album is said to be released on the 20th of January.
All instruments and vocals are by Vintersorg himself, with the addition of Matthias Marklund (lead guitar on two tracks: “The astral factor” and “Painting without colours”) and Mangus Lindgren (on the track “Mountains”).

Tracklist: Waterclime- The Astral Factor
1. Mountains
2. Floating
3. The Astral Factor
4. Diamond Moon
5. Painting Without Colours
6. Midnight Flyer
7. Scarytale
8. Timewind.

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