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Tommy Vance has died.

Legendary Tommy Vance, the voice of rock & metal has died.
Tommy is very famous with his radio programs & the legendary Friday Rock Show on VH-1 and one of TotalRock's co-founders. has posted update about the funeral. which will be at 2.30pm Tuesday 15th at Golders Green Crematorium in London N.W.11. All colleagues friends and listeners welcome.

Tommy Vance joins the mourning of this amazing man. has posted the following message:
We're all absolutely devastated by the news of Tommy Vance's death and send our thoughts, love and wishes to his family and nearest and dearest.

As well as being The Voice Of Rock (and one of TotalRock's co-founders), Tommy was our friend, our advisor and our inspiration. He was also a true gentleman and a warm and wonderful human being. His departure leaves a massive void in all our lives and the world of rock and metal will be a far, far poorer place without his growling, sunglassed presence.

However, we have to wonder... would Tommy have wanted us to collapse in tears and crumble in weakness? Would he have relished the thought of rock radio broadcasting on without his unmistakable tones? Would he countenance a world without somebody continuing to bang the drum for TRUE rock and Metal? HELL NO!

So, let us proudly celebrate the man, his life and treasure our memories!

TotalRock listeners will continue to hear TV's voice on air and we've opened a special Message Board for EVERYBODY to post their memories of a man who's touched ALL our lives in this special musical area we all share. Please tell us these and also recall, if you will, one particular track which the man Vance turned you on to.

We'll be producing and broadcasting an audio tribute to TV in the next few days.

In the meantime, join us now in saluting Tommy Vance - The Voice Of Rock, bidding him a heartfelt farewell and sending him off with a resounding 'ROCK ON!'

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