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EuroRock festival change location.

The festival that take place for the 5th time, moves it's location from Neerpelt to Lommel.
This year the gigs will take place Indoor and not Outdoor as it used to be till now.
The camping & the market area will be outdoor.
The main reason for this change is the weather.
Last year one of the tents has fall down due to strong winds. this caused many probelms.

The artists that confirmed so far are:
Ancient Rites (BE)
Covenant (SWE)
The Gathering (NL)
Anne Clark (UK)
Illuminate (GER)
John Foxx & Lovis Gordon (UK)
Suicide Commando (BE)
Corvus Corax (GER)
Prager Handgriff (GER)
In The Nursery (UK)
Ravenous (GER)
Run Level Zero (SE)
Noisex(GER) - Last gig ever in Belgium !
Haujobb (GER)
Girls Under Glass (GER)
Eisheilig (GER)
Hybryds (BE)
Monolith (BE)
Letze instanz (GER)
Silent Promises (GER)
Backlash (SWE)
Colony 5 (SWE)
Whispers In The Shadow (UK)
God's Bow (POL)
The Dawn Visitors (BE)
Final Selection (GER)
Sheep On Drugs (USA) - First european show in 5 years !!
Incubus Sukkubus (UK)
Swarf (UK)
Goteki (UK)
Inertia (UK)
Chaos engine (UK)

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