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Ancient Rites confirmed for Eurorock 2002.

EuroRock 2002 summer festival will take place in early August in Limburg, Belgium.

The artists that confirmed so far are:
Ancient Rites (BE)
The Gathering (NL)
Covenant (DK)
Mesh (UK)
Anne Clark (UK)
Suicide Commando (BE)
Corvus Corax (GER)
Prager Handgriff (GER)
In The Nursery (UK)
Ravenous (GER)
Run Level Zero (SE)
Noisex (GER) (Last gig ever in Belgium !)
Haujobb (GER)
Girls Under Glass (GER)
Eisheilig (GER)
Hybryds (BE)
Monolith (BE)
Letze Instanz (GER)
Silent Promises (GER)
Backlash (SWE)
Colony 5 (SWE)
Illuminate (GER)
Whispers In The Shadow (UK)

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