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Century Family Inc. has completed the worldwide purchase of Olympic Recordings.

News from Century Media web site:

The Los Angeles-based Century Family Inc., home to Century Media Records, has completed the worldwide purchase of Olympic Recordings, one of the world's leading underground metal labels.

Established in Chicago in 1992, Olympic has built a solid catalog of releases and created brand loyalty within the extreme metal genre. During its decade of existence, the label has released such marquee acts as Immolation, Behemoth and Vital Remains, as well as current up-and-comers Diabolic, Divine Empire, Fleshgrind and Unholy Ghost. They were also responsible for launching the career of hard rock’s rising stars Soil.

2003 has already been a solid year for the label with two successful headline tours completed by New York's Immolation, Vital Remains headlining the internationally acclaimed Milwaukee Metalfest and Poland's Behemoth who made their U.S. debut on tour with Deicide and later shared American stages with heavyweights such as Danzig, Halford, Opeth, Testament and Superjoint Ritual among others. Behemoth will make their much anticipated return to the U.S. taking part in the Un-Natural Born Killers tour featuring Six Feet Under, Skinless and Black Dahlia Murder in October. Future Olympic releases include Behemoth’s Conjuration EP, Diabolic’s Infinity Through Purification and the debut album coming early next year from Chicago’s Enforsaken, the most recent addition to the Olympic lineup.

Century Media, the world's premier metal label with offices throughout the world, was previously responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Olympic Recordings in North America. Century Media is distributed by Caroline Distribution.

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